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Hiring an owner operated business over a franchise has many advantages, including:

When you are moving houses, you should do your research to ensure you are getting what you pay for. Most removal companies have big fleets of trucks with random workers who generally don’t stay with the team which mean that even if you have used a removal teams service, you will most likely not get the same workers you did last time and therefore not know who or how your move will plan out. Not only is the team inconsistent, you generally speak to an admin lady on the phone who won’t be on the job who will give you an estimate without insight on your move.

Benefits Of Hiring A Private Moving Company

The workers that are hired to move your house is just a worker who doesn’t treat the removal company as their own. It is better to have a more hands-on approach from your removal team to make sure that there a no mistakes and your move is planned efficiently.

Hiring an owner operated business over a franchise has many advantages, including:

– The owner personally wants to strategically plan your move to make sure your job is carried out safely and correctly

– The workers are more efficient when the owner is on the job supervising your move

– From the owner being more hands-on, they are more likely to be more experienced and carry out the job efficiently they will make sure your job is carried out efficiently, so they don’t waste time or money


When hiring an owner operated business, it is best to choose a removal team where the owner is more hands on the job so that the customers only need to communicate with the owner to ensure there is no communication break down and the job is carried out to its fullest potential.

A lot of big removal companies have workers who are there to make an income and when the employer isn’t around employees slap around and don’t pay attention to the crucial details. It always pays to have the owner-operator to be working with the team so that the right decisions are made by them to save your time and money.

Gina Tsigaris

Gina is the owner of Move it with Gina a family owned and operated business that has been providing professional services to relocating individuals, business owners and families all over Sydney. Gina will do everything for you and take the stress away.