How To Be Stress-Free During A Move

Research shows through a recent poll that packing and moving houses was voted number one on the top of their stress list, triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.

This is all caused by the change of routine. The thought of packing, leaving beloved friends and family and having to find the local facilities. If you fear that your next move will have a significant impact on your stress, here are some tips to follow!

How To Be Stress-Free During A Move

1. Pack a few weeks prior

Go through your house top to bottom. Make a list and plan what you want to pack, and what is being left behind. This gives you an opportunity to decide on what you’re keeping.

Pack all the valuables and essential documents separate from your belongings. Make a list of what goes into to storage or what is to be recycled or goes to charity.
Making a mental plan of what you will pack or not eases the pressure when and you will be able to move house in an organised manner.

2. Plan head

Not planning correctly may lead to falling victim of moving stress. To help think ahead and avoid unexpected problems arising, make sure to make a ‘to-do’ list of everything that needs to be done before the move. This could include:

• Getting the right supplies to pack and unpack your house (boxes and tape)
• Organise time off work
• Organise your removal company and set the moving date
• Stop buying groceries the week before and try to use up everything you have
• Cancel bills in your current house
• Change your billing address
• Set up essentials like gas, electricity, water and WIFI before moving


3. Look into a Removal Company

It’s recommended that you don’t try and move all by yourself. This is one of the top ways to help reduce the stress of packing and moving.

Removal companies will take the pressure off as they do most of the hard work. Ensure to contact movers well ahead of time if you are hiring a professional. Removal companies generally can help with moving heavy items to avoid any damages, offer to disassemble and reassemble to your furniture.

4. Look at the move in a positive way

By having a positive aspect on the move, it allows you to have a fresh mindset when organising and decorating your new house into your dream house. It can give you the chance to start over, building a new beginning with new friends and family in the new neighbourhood.

5. Get help

To help tackle the overwhelming moving stress, getting help from friends or family. This will make moving much calmer and less chaotic. By inviting your friends and family over to help pack, it can make the experience fun and more relaxed in return for some perhaps dinner.  Always remember never to be afraid to ask for help.

6. Prepare for moving day

One or two days before the move, make sure you set aside a bag of essentials labelled clearly not to be pack for you to bring separately from the move. This could contain:
• Valuables
• Medication
• Toiletries (such as soap, face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste)
• A change of clothes
• Phone and laptop charges
• And anything else you use daily
This ensures that you don’t misplace any valuables and essentials in the first few days after your move.

7. Look after yourself

It is important that while you are packing/unpacking and moving that you look after yourself. Do not push yourself too hard throughout the process, to avoid fatigue. Make sure that you and your family are getting enough sleep to have the right energy for the move. Take time to take breaks throughout packing, and remember eat well. This will minimise moving house stress.

8. Set the right date

The best day to plan your move should be at the beginning of the week. Generally removalists and packers have more of an availability to fit you into your preferred date. The beginning of the week streets are generally less congested. This makes it easier and safer for you and the removalists to park trucks and remove your furniture.

Gina Tsigaris

Gina is the owner of Move it with Gina a family owned and operated business that has been providing professional services to relocating individuals, business owners and families all over Sydney. Gina will do everything for you and take the stress away.