6 Tips To Organise The Kitchen After You Move

The kitchen is the room where most things in your home happen, including meal preparation and the family get together. Therefore it needs to be the first room to be unpacked.

It can be a stressful and tedious job when moving houses but is an excellent opportunity to help transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. By ticking off these tasks one by one, it will help you minimize the stress of moving.

6 Easy Tips To Organise The Kitchen After You Move

1. Prepare your kitchen
The previous owner may have done the usual spot clean. However, by getting up on a ladder and wiping down surfaces, you can be confident all the tops of cupboards are squeaky clean. These are areas not often seen so dust will build up over time. This will also help you get rid of forgotten items or pests.

2. Touch Ups
If you’re not happy with the overall look of your kitchen and wish to re-paint or touch up you may. However,  aim at doing all of this before unpacking your kitchen. This will make it easier to get to the hard to reach surfaces without having to place drop sheets or re-arrange your belongings.

3. Organise
Think about how you would wish to organise your kitchen and make your everyday necessities accessible by creating an arranged space. Place post-it notes on every drawer and shelf to get a basic idea of how you wish your dream kitchen would be laid out.


4. Lining
If you prefer the more organised look of lined shelves, make sure you measure and cut the correct size lining. This will ensure it fits before placing your belongings in the cupboards.

5. Measure your shelves.
Make sure that before you start to put away your larger bottles or vases. Make sure that you have adjusted the shelves or found the correct place for your larger belongings before you have filled the cupboard up.

6. Unsure items
If you see some of your belongings are difficult to part with or have too much of, create an ‘unsure box’ to keep them in. If you don’t use the items after a couple of months, give them to your new neighbours as a neighbourly gesture or, throw them out to keep your kitchen organised and decluttered.

Gina Tsigaris

Gina is the owner of Move it with Gina a family owned and operated business that has been providing professional services to relocating individuals, business owners and families all over Sydney. Gina will do everything for you and take the stress away.